Sharon from Stoke

Thank you Lakeside for all your help. I appreciate so much what you have done for me. I really enjoyed my sessions in the gym – you made it fun! And I knew my knee was going to be ok with your invaluable expertise and experience which is priceless.


Thank you to all the team at Lakeside – for being so helpful and accommodating. It has been a pleasure and I will miss you!

So happy to be in the mountains again – amazing! A massive thank you to Pete Copeland for pretty much teaching me to walk again!

John from Leek

Thank you to everyone at Lakeside. As always I feel reassured about problems. Fantastic reception staff. Excellent care all round.

Ken from Stoke

Cheers for helping me to continue running! Despite many hurdles and hiccups we have made it! Thank you so much to everyone at Lakeside for providing such a fabulous service and care.

Barry from Barlaston

Excellent service. Very thorough and open and honest diagnosis. The team of experienced physiotherapists ensured I was well looked after and the best possible care provided for me. Would recommend Lakeside to anyone.

Michael from Shropshire

The staff and management at Lakeside always act in a professional manner but deliver the service in a vey patient centred way. A pleasure to attend and be cured!

Stephen from Eccleshall

Throughout my recovery process I have been amazed by the depth, quality and knowledge on all matters of physiotherapy. The skills displayed by the physiotherapists as they rebuild broken patients have been a pleasure to witness. They definitely are the Gold standard on physiotherapy.


Thank you for keeping me running!